Personalized Art Prints & Custom Illustrated Gifts for Moments Near & Dear to your Heart

As a professional graphic artist, illustrator, full-time Etsy seller, a licensed surface designer, mother of a teenage drama queen and the blacksmith's wife, I was raised by a clown and a country singer and I spent my childhood face painting at picnics and line dancing at county fairs. True story! Born into a lifestyle full of creative energy, color and imagination, I was always encouraged to do what you love. Over the years I've built a successful career in design, loved and overcome loss, changed cities, changed jobs and changed my mind. Luck struck when I fell in love with a blacksmith, opened my Etsy shop and very quickly quit my day job. Now, married with a teenager, we have embarked on the adventure of creating our own little humble homestead just outside of Cleveland, Ohio were we live, work and play all day.

The Near & Dear Gift Collection was established in 2011. The idea for the series started with my own need to give unique, yet thoughtful gifts. As I created each new gift for someone in my life, I quickly saw the possibility to tell other people's stories through imagery and strong iconic design. By thinking personally, I was able to develop a series of personalized art prints that tell a story truly unique to it's owner. Delivering a quality product and providing sincere customer service is extremely important to me. It makes me so happy to help you create memories and share them with the people you love.

All work is copyrighted © 2015, Brooke Witt Art & Design, LLC.